I'm moving to New York City.
Help me find work?

The first week of 2015, I’m moving to New York City. I'm pretty excited about it, but I’ll need work. Currently, I work for Microsoft. They’re working with me to see if there are any internal opportunities that will suit, but that may not be possible. I’m very interested in work leading the design and development of products that create real benefits for their intended community and/or customers.

Here’s a copy of my CV (PDF), and below there is a summary of how I’ve kept busy the last few years. If you can think of an opportunity or an introduction that might suit, please email me at lachlan@lachstock.com.au.

I’m the Startup Lead for Microsoft Australia. I'm responsible for the strategic impact of Microsoft within the Australian startup ecosystem. Basically that means my job is helping startups. With anything. I debug apps, web services, and business models. I partner with VCs, accelerators, incubators, universities and others to amplify benefits they offer for startups. I help startups find customers, employees or funding. Email me at lachlanh@microsoft.com to tell me about your business!

I’m a partner at a coworking space called The Workbench in Ultimo, Sydney. I work there a few days a week (when I’m in Sydney), especially Fridays for Laksa Friday and #fridayat4.

I help Craig Sharkie run the SydJS group for Sydney’s JavaScripters and I’m a regular in the Australian Ruby scene where I can be heard arguing the benefits of various open technologies and practices at the occasional Sydney meeting and any Railscamp. I also helped select the talks for RubyConfAU 2014.

I’m a web standardista from way back (I ran the Web Standards Group meetings in Melbourne from 2004-2006) and gave presentations at Web Directions South, Edge of the Web, Microsoft’s REMIX10 and New Zealand’s Webstock conference on the topic of The Open Web.

With support from some amazing people, I used to run an industry event called Webjam to provide a platform for people to show off their innovations built on the web and web technologies.

I’m a passionate advocate of open web technologies but I try to temper that by actually knowing about those technologies — preferably from having used them.

I’m available for coffee, drinks, lunch, and hearing about you.


Incident Report

This isn’t something I'd normally share, but I’ve had so many requests for a public account that I feel the need to honour that. There was an incident at the most recent SydJS. What follows is what happened and what we did about it.

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