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By Lachlan Hardy
1036h Thursday, 04 September 2008 Permalink
Lachlan Hardy presenting the closing keynote

Lachlan Hardy - PDFs: Local Government Web Network

The Video

The moment I’ve been dreading for the last few weeks has arrived. The footage of my closing keynote at the LGwebnetwork conference is up on their website. Diana Mounter has posted a very nice introduction to it, you can watch the full video in a few different formats and I have a post with more details and the slides .

I’ve been feeling masochistic this week, so I’ve watched it myself and cringed at the appropriate moments, like when my mic fell off. Diana promised to have that edited out, but I knew at the time they wouldn’t… and they didn’t.

I want to apologise for neglecting to repeat the questions from the audience and for the few gross generalisations I dropped in to keep things moving along. Hopefully, you can pick up the context of the questions from my responses.

In other related news, I am loving the very cool thank you gift from the conference organisers.

It was an honour to deliver this presentation. I’m really excited about the Open Web I see developing and I want to share that with everybody. Thanks to all of you who’ve contacted me with your own comments, opinions and passion. I really do believe we’re building a beautiful, free, and open web!


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1303h Thursday, 04 September 2008 Permalink

Aaaahhh I’m sorry about the “mic falling off” bit - I thought it was best left in, it will make people feel like there were really there! (Anyhow, I left in my tongue-tied “read-write-web” - try and say that 3 times quickly!)

Seriously though, really great to see the presentation again, it sinks in more the second time, and its a great resource to show people and encourage others to take part in building an Open Web.

Scott G
1319h Thursday, 04 September 2008 Permalink

I think the moment you start to like 1) your own voice or 2) watching yourself present on a video then it might be time to start applying for the likes of Big Brother and Australian Idol…

It’s never easy and I share your pain. I never listen to my own podcasts!

Looking good though, I have only made it 20min through so far. Very engaging topics and a good wrap-up to the day I am sure.

Lachlan Hardy
1414h Thursday, 04 September 2008 Permalink

That’s cool, Di, I wasn’t expecting you to edit it out. And I’m glad you were enthusiastic enough about the topic to sit through it a second time!

Good point, Scott, but I was hoping you would be joining me for Big Brother 2012: Random Web Peep Edition…

2237h Monday, 08 September 2008 Permalink

I’ve just added the audio files to your page so you can download the MP3 recording too :)

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